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From basic web support like hosting and choosing an appropriate domain name, WebdesignMe has a dedicated team that will provide the necessary support to you and your business from day one into the online market.

Our Design Team will assist you in designing your company logo to help your brand awareness and we can give you the freedom to have your personalised email addresses and the flexibility to control your email accounts in one place.

Updating and maintaining your website yourself or through a content management system can be a headache. Our Team will take care of updates and changes for you, leaving you hassle free while your online presence grows.



Web Support Services

From Day One to Forever


Domain Name Registration

Choosing the right name for your website can make a great difference to both visitors and search engines. We will not affect your decision if you want a particular name however we will provide the right guidance and point you to the right direction.

We will provide support and research to find you the right domain name to help your online presence of your business.




Hosting are provided by thousands od companies. The two important things about hosting is it has to be cheap and reliable. That;s what we offer.

Webdesignme offers the complete package under one roof so that you do not have to worry about anything else except in what you do best - your business.



Emails Set Up

Freemail account can be handy but not necessary professional. In a world where impression count, having personalised email accounts is vital in promoting your brand and your business online presence.

For a small fee as low as £10, personalised emails can give your business the edge over your competitors.



Logo Design

A logo represnts your business in a quick glance. As unique as colourful, a logo should be most importantly simple, easy to remember.

A good and unique logo is the first step to achieve brand recognition. Our team will work closely with you to bring this uniqueness to your business logo design.



Website Maintenance & Updates

Things change everyday it is important to keep ahead of your market. Keeping up with updating your website could be time consuming.

WebdesignMe provide a hassle free website maintenance and updates service to provide the online support to both your website and your business.




Web Support Packages



Web Support
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From £20 *
From £30 *

Domain Name Registration






Emails Set Up



Logo Design


Website Updates


Website Maintenance



*Both one off fee or monthly charge may apply. Please contact us on 01279 416597 for more details, alternatively, fill in the contact form below.


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What is a domain name?

This is the first question that get asked in 90% of our phone calls. There is not a straight answer to this. Frist, we have to understand your business, your budget and is entirely what you want to achieve.


What is hosting?

Below is a price guide just to give an idea. All costs will be clearly discussed before any works commence.

There is no contract in any of our website marketing packages as we want to give you the


What is content management?

There is no contract in any of our website marketing packages as we want to give you the freedom to leave us at any time you feel we are not delivering. The reason we do that is beacuse it has and will never happened.